About me…..

Hi! I’m Mindy!  The Mom of the Swiss Family Carlson!

I started this blog years ago as a forum to talk about the joy of creating and designing quilts and handbags and putting together costumes for various Halloweens and school plays.  After a few years of focusing only on sewing I started branching out and talking more about life, family, and philosophy.

Then last year my husband’s job requested he take an assignment overseas so we moved to Switzerland and I started blogging about the adventures of the Swiss Family Carlson.

I have my Master’s of Science in Organization Development from American University.  I serve as a consultant to organizations in various capacities and have the privilege of acting as a life coach to people who are in a life transition.

I also served as the Administrative Head of School for Rock Creek Montessori School for 3 years before we moved to Switzerland.  I am intensely interested in education and parenting, so quite a few of my articles focus on how organization development techniques and Montessori methods to inform how I parent.

I hope you enjoy it and your comments are always welcome.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Well hello there. I just read your post online about kids and boredom. I had no idea you lived in Switzerland and was involved in montessori.
    I’m a New Zealander also living in Switzerland – but deep in the mountains of toggenburg, canton st Gallen.
    My 5 year old is very social and is constantly complaining of boredom when she is not making play dates with friends. It’s very hard to engage her, she will sit and look out the window for what seems like hours on end. As a mum I’ve needed to turn Pinterest off and stop organising a program for the kids to allow them to be bored. I thought to be a good mum I needed to be crafting, doing science experiments and full on activity programs all the time (although none of this was on offer from my parents and that was ok!).
    Anyways – lovely to read your blog and thanks do much for the timely article.
    Do your kids really get through that long list b4 screen time? If so, full respect mama!!


    1. Hi Kathy! I have been to St. Gallen twice, once was just last week with my best friend. Don’t worry about your child staring out the window too much. Her thoughts and ideas are starting to perk up and pretty soon she’ll get up to do something. I actually like staring out the window of the tram as I go to pick up the kids and let my thoughts just go. And, yes, my kids do get through the long list of stuff to do before screen time. They were 9 and 6 when I started the list. If they don’t want the screen they don’t have to do the list, however, they do tend to be motivated to get a little iPad time. 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve like this article. I have others on this site. I’m hoping you like my post on St. Gallen.


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