The Myth of Success

Recently, foodie influencer Alison Roman gave an interview to The New Consumer that can only be described as a “shit show.” While talking about her own Zen-like journey into fame, she performed an epic racially tone-deaf (I’m being kind) take down of Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo, calling them sellouts while she remains pure as … Continue reading The Myth of Success

10 Simple Tools from Parenting and Psychology Experts that will Make You a Better Parent

This is part of a two piece series I did for a Positive Parenting Conference. It is FREE from May 22nd until May 26th. All the speakers are amazing and have really learned a lot about how to help my children become successful, happy, and intelligent adults. It is well worth your time. 10 Simple … Continue reading 10 Simple Tools from Parenting and Psychology Experts that will Make You a Better Parent

Under Submission

That's a weird term, "Under Submission." Under = In an existent state of. Submission = Consideration or Judgement. There's a nebulous quality to that phrase that can't quit convey how emotionally fraught it is to be "Under Submission." To be "Under Submission" means your agent wrote a pitch (essentially a much better written query) and … Continue reading Under Submission


Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children of All Ages, I had The Call with a real, live agent If you’ve ever wanted to publish or have a loved one who is an author with aspirations you know how important The Call is. The Call, spoken with a hushed reverence, is the moment an agent offers to represent … Continue reading Agented!


A new term has entered my vocabulary. I wanted to share it with you because it opened my eyes to a compulsive behavior that was sucking my life away.Doomscrolling.Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly flipping through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any of these social media sharing apps that populate our phones? Then you … Continue reading Doomscrolling