Somethings really do need explanation

Let me recount a phone conversation I had the other day. “Hello, ____ Vet Hospital, can I help you?” “Yes. I need to make an appointment for our new kitten.” “Great! Last name?” “Carlson” “And the pet’s name?” “Lord Durin Thunderbolt Orc Slayer.” “…..  Say again?” “Lord. Durin. Thunderbolt. Orc. Slayer.” “Lord? -” “Durin Thunderbolt … More Somethings really do need explanation

It’s Pi Day!!

March 14th! 3.14! It’s Pi Day! I finally have it together enough to share a pie recipe on the actual Pi Day. This particular pie is a classic French apple tart decorated in an escargot pattern. This is not to be confused with a Tarte Tatin where you use puff pastry and assemble and bake … More It’s Pi Day!!