Transforming the House into Our Home (with Chandelier Update!)

The move has happened!! It was weeks of taking small loads in our minivan and then a long and hard 4 days of “real” moving with a moving truck (and a few very excellent friends), but we managed to clear out our rental house and move to our new home. Our house looks like Boxlandia … More Transforming the House into Our Home (with Chandelier Update!)


Things are crazy here. Spring break was a disaster. We were supposed to fly back to Iowa and Minnesota and got caught in that whole Delta Flight-Canceling Fiesta that was going on. We were there. Ready to go. Bag checked. Mickey-D’s food choked down. And then …. Flight canceled. We were alerted to this fact … More OY! My LIFE!

6 Months Back

I can’t believe it, but we’ve been back for 6 months. In a lot of ways it seems like we just left. In other ways it seems like we’ve been here forever. Life is filled with the mundane right now. The boys need to go to school. The laundry needs to washed, folded, and put … More 6 Months Back

Hiking to be Swiss

Life has been moving at breakneck speed lately.  So much faster than when we lived in Switzerland.  So fast that I feel like I’m dropping my Swiss-life intentions behind me as I’m rocketed along. But I do try to keep all those life intentions clutched in my hands and tucked inside my head. One of … More Hiking to be Swiss